Business Delivery Services Explained

Finding the right delivery service for your online business can be daunting. Different countries have their own complicated set of rules and providers, which include private companies, as well as publicly owned ones. In order to find what sort of services are right for you there are a number of considerations you must evaluate before getting started.

Ask yourself whether the items you send off are high or low in cost, require insurance, require a signature, or if they need to be delivered speedily or not. Offering your clients a range of options to choose from is often the best policy as paying too much for postage is a major reason behind foregoing a purchase in online retail. This is even more so when it is carried out through a third-party seller such as eBay.

Below is a short list of sending options for you to think about and consider.


Insurance is often needed for sending parcels in order to claim back your money if the item becomes lost or damaged. This service is highly recommended if the items you are sending are fragile and/or high in value. It is often a good idea to compare rates as well as the amount you can claim back from the insurer. Public and private companies will vary in these regards so make sure to scrutinize what is being offered by varying companies.


Having the option to be able to track the parcel you have just sent is very important, especially when objects are high in value. However this may not be a preferable option to choose if you deal mostly in low-cost goods that are sent frequently and in high numbers. If that’s the case it may be cheaper to simply send out replacement goods when problems occur rather than paying a premium to track parcels.

Parcels are almost always tracked online and a unique code will be given in order to track where the item is. These systems vary in sophistication with some allowing you to see when the parcel was signed for and who signed for the parcel.


Many items you wish to post will not always fit into or through a letterbox. In these circumstances, parcels will need to be signed for. This means the parcel will not be delivered unless someone is available to sign for the package. If no one is available, packages will return to a holding and depending on the delivery service you can either choose to arrange a re-delivery or come and collect the item in person.

Next Day and Same Day Delivery

Whether you need to send off an item with next day or even same day delivery will depend on your clients’ needs. In order to make sure you have the best system available try and gauge whether or not your items would likely be sent express. Or try and evaluate which periods may call for this sort of service such as holiday shopping periods.


The most important thing about running an online business is to be adaptable and keep your costs low. As stated, having high sending costs can be a big reason why customers do not purchase your items.

Your customers are awaiting top-level service and top-level products. So make sure you plan ahead and stay on top of your delivery service to ensure your business flourishes!

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