Same-Day Delivery – The Future for Major Supermarkets

The growth of major supermarkets several generations ago has seen major companies continually change and adapt in order to compete in an ever-complicated consumer landscape. Most recent amongst these developments has been online shopping.

What began simply as a way for traditional companies to keep a foothold in a changing market has now transformed into a cornerstone of sales. Recently, competition amongst major food grocers has become so intense that the traditional model of reserving a delivery slot a few days after purchase is giving way to same-day delivery.

The question is, will same-day delivery help supermarkets compete and is it even financially viable?


The benefit of implementing same-day delivery for online shoppers is a logical one. Not only does it give more choice, which is always a priority for the consumer, it also fits into a lifestyle that is increasingly becoming more pressed for time. In the world of consumer goods, as in all businesses, time is money. Being able to provide your food a little bit faster and more conveniently gives just the sort of competitive edge struggling supermarkets need.

The way it would work is simple – orders are placed until the early evening right before the close of traditional working hours and delivered just after. This sort of timing is not only convenient for the seller; it also fits in great with working individuals and families. One can easily imagine a handy app to go with this sort of service that will let you choose what you need while at work and have it delivered to your door right when you get home – it couldn’t get any simpler.

Cutting out the Middle Men

Although the rationale behind same-day delivery is apparent to anyone, how will supermarkets manage to pull it off? The answer comes from the way the industry has been developing over the years – and boy has it been moving quickly. What started as a clunky system that took several days and relied on existing traditional supermarkets to start doing orders on the side has now transformed into a slick and efficient ordering apparatus.

Nowadays, supermarkets are increasingly giving the task of online orders to major collection hubs that solely deal with online orders and purchases. Not only that, but this system has become increasingly digitized and mechanized, using conveyor systems and automated scanning.

The Future

So if traditional supermarkets are giving way to online shopping hubs that sort and send food for you on the day you place the order, what future can there be for traditional shopping? The answer is of course plenty, but somewhat different to how things have worked up until now.

Firstly, one should expect more automated supermarkets with in an increase in self-service terminals, as well as a decline in their use amongst consumers. A huge blow may be dealt to traditional one-stop vendors that would have been used to make last minute purchases on the way home from work.

Nevertheless, although same-day delivery is another major step in the way online retail is being dealt with by major supermarket chains, people will undoubtedly keep on using traditional shops for a long time to come!

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