Script and Post Production Delivery

Hollywood is one of the busiest places in the country with one of the highest demands for courier services. Express Connection offers script and post-production delivery throughout Los Angeles to help keep the fast-paced entertainment industry running smoothly. We delivery scripts every day for television and features throughout Hollywood, and our drivers are trained for handling film and for dealing with all areas of post-production work. All of our script and post-production deliveries are treated professionally and are always considered time-sensitive and, of course, confidential. Additionally, we maintain a computerized and wireless communication system, linking together our drivers, dispatchers, customer service departments, and customers.

Since we know that your Los Angeles entertainment company is busy and always on the go, we offer on-line ordering to allow customers to place, track, and fully monitor orders and shipments right from their computer or mobile device. We also offer customized billing; we will tailor our billing to your individual company or production needs and specifications.

Finally, we here at Express Connection know that you want everything that comes out of your Los Angeles entertainment company to be professional in order to keep your entertainment business running successfully. Our drivers are professional, uniformed, and ready to meet your exact requests with courtesy and efficiency. All of our drivers are hired due to prior experience and receive extensive training for the unique courier and messenger service needs of the entertainment industry. You can rest assured that your script and post-production deliveries will be delivered in just as professional and timey a manner as if you were to personally deliver them yourself.

Direct Messenger

Direct Messenger Service

Immediate pickup, delivered directly
(Order 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Friday)
Rush Messenger

Rush Messenger Service

Orders delivered within 2- 3 hours
(Order 8:00am to 4:00 pm Monday – Friday)
Regular Messenger

Regular Messenger Service

Local Deliveries within 3-4 hours
(Order 8:00am to 2:00 pm Monday – Friday)
Economy Messenger

Economy Messenger Service

Call by 10am, local delivery by 5pm
(Monday – Friday)
After Hours Messenger

After Hours Messenger Service

Monday thru Friday before 7am, after 6pm
(Before 7:00am and After 6:00 pm)
Weekend Messenger

Weekend Messenger Service

Saturday, Sunday and all legal holidays