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Courier Service Hollywood

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Hollywood is a place of glamour, of celebrities, of movies, of shopping, of wealth and of energy. But it takes a lot of people to keep Hollywood running. Every moment there are a thousands of meetings, of transactions and deliveries happening – this makes Hollywood the place that people dream about.

However, daily tasks are not nearly as glamorous as the movies make it out to be. Especially when it comes to deliveries, movies do not represent the hour sitting on Sunset very accurately. But sending out the intern to make a delivery and sit in traffic is not the most cost-effective use of time. Instead, one should consider a courier service in Hollywood. Not only does it save employees time, but it ensures accurate and timely delivery for a low price.

Regarding courier service in Hollywood, Express Connection employs over 85 bonded drivers, all equipped with GPS systems, to ensure a timely delivery. The customer will know exactly when the delivery has been completed and can choose a delivery system based on their timetable and financial concerns. Express Connection offers economy delivery, as well as weekend, after-hours and holiday delivery. Entertainment never stops, and neither does this courier service in Hollywood. Express Connection serves the greater Los Angeles area  as well, so deliveries to Studio City, Burbank, and Century City as well as everywhere else, will not pose any problems. In addition, Express Connection offers an online billing and tracking service service for convenience and to save time.

With a courier service in Hollywood, daily business becomes one step closer to the epic images depicted in movies. Don’t stress and waste gas in traffic, don’t send out valuable employees to make deliveries. Instead, make the cost- and time-efficient decision of hiring a courier service in Hollywood.